Representation in China

January 17, 2016



Réalisations now has representation in China. Réalisations Inc. Montreal calls upon a specialist in cultural markets and technologies to develop projects in Asia.


Montreal, January 18, 2016 - These past years have been witness to China evolving from a developing economy to the status of the world’s second most important economy. During those years Chinese society reached full maturity, while its cultural industries continue to develop both in size as well as in diversity.


Réalisations has been active in the cultural and technological sectors for close to twenty years. Through its creativity that is expressed in a multitude of successful projects, Réalisations allows companies and institutions worldwide to see their dreams come to life to strengthen their identity and share and explore their visions with guests and clients alike. The award winning See Forever Theatre at One World Trade Center, the new Marriott Renaissance hotel in Manhattan and Oak Point Park in Texas are but a few examples of recent projects that Réalisations has completed.


Doing business in China requires mastering social codes and local customs that can be intriguing. For these reasons, Réalisations recruited Mrs. Yan Gu, a Shanghai native, as their permanent representative in China. Her extensive knowledge of China and her vast network of contacts in many major cities of this gigantic country combined with her commercial experience in Europe, the United States and Canada are valuable assets in developing projects in the Chinese public, cultural and commercial sectors.


She says, “I am convinced that Réalisations’ projects are totally in sync with the current creative effervescence in China by integrating avant-garde concepts in a very organic method through artistic expression, discovery and entertainment. The timing is ideal for Réalisations’ savoir-faire to be imported into the Chinese market to help both government and private industry in their quest to communicate their core identity through distinctive media that combines art and technology.


Réalisations can also inspire the Chinese to discover novel physical and sensorial experiences. In the long term, my ambition is to establish a creative pole centered on the arts and technology which will allow Chinese talent to exchange ideas and expressions of creativity both in the East and the West. As the permanent representative of Réalisations in China, I also see myself as a facilitator to help East and West meet and to nurture exchanges through art and creation.


The cultural legitimacy of Asian art will be in the avant-garde and I am convinced that Réalisations will contribute to the development of Chinese cultural industries through a wide range of mutually beneficial artistic and commercial exchanges.”