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Ideas set
in motion

About us

Réalisations designs, produces and communicates experiences to touch, amaze or surprise. A company with ideas, we master technology and seek to understand our clients’ aspirations to help reveal their state of mind and soul. Our multidisciplinary team continuously invests in R&D to maintain our cutting edge innovation.

Products & services

Whatever the scope and nature of your project, Réalisations offers a full 360° solution or the specific service your team requires; from the concept, through content creation, to the AV, interactive features and theatrical equipment specifications and detailed drawings.


Our solutions are always tailored. We translate your initial request into a sophisticated and engaging zone of ambient intelligence through gestural environments and soundscapes, from the conceptual stage of your project to the complete AV production and the creation of customized interactive applications that we install and maintain.


Réalisations’ leading edge technology for interactive experiences and for zones of ambient intelligence meets its high creative standards that engage the public in custom environments. Using SENS.ei’s one-of-a-kind technological building blocks, we are able to develop unique content to propose a universe to meet your project’s needs and the unique effects each project deserves. Our SENS.ei framework and its specifically developed bridges for commercial software such as 3D game engines, AV processing applications, etc., providing us with an ever-expanding toolbox on which new ideas can be built. SENS.ei is designed on an impeccable technical foundation, which means optimal performance, stability and easy maintenance. It is organized in a way that artists can work efficiently with low-level programmers to seamlessly interconnect hardware and software components, as well as interchange video files, 3D models, shaders and scripts and TouchDesigner™, Unity™, Adobe™ and Autodesk™ inputs.

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